What We Wore

I don’t really care if it has already been circulated around other blogs already – nothing on the internet is sacred. What’s more, this is a genuinely ace project and one that deserves all the attention it gets. While we’re currently being subjected to a slew of mawkish mid-90s nostalgia from a variety of streetwear brands and we’ve only just got over that 1920’s railroad worker look – it’s nice to see something with a bit of authenticity. And it’s easy to see why brands still riff on past styles and scense.  What We Wore is a candid look at British subcultures of the past 60 years from those that actually experienced it. Aside from the clothes, the user-submitted content shows the multi-faceted nature of youth culture on these shores.  What I like about it, is that each selection of photos is accompanied by text from the user that explains a bit about their scene at the time. Definitely something to spend a few hours browsing.  CG



what we wore