Victory Journal


Doubleday and Cartwright is a Brooklyn-based creative agency; think Don Draper with a Macbook. Amongst their list of clients are the likes of Nike and Carhartt and while their work is some of the best I’ve seen, it’d be remiss of me to simply categorise them as a mere ad-agency. D&C also have their own sports-inspired clothing line, Nomas NYC, which draws on reference points from Muhammad Ali to the New York Cosmos. This post, however, is not about their sterling ad-work or Nomas, but Victory Journal; the stylish, offbeat sports magazine which they produce. As you’d expect, it is beautifully presented and features an array of stories that you’d consider alternative to your standard sports magazine. And while obtaining a copy may be somewhat difficult, although thoroughly recommended, there is also an online version of the publication which features videos on their feature stories.

The story of Jimmy Snuka “Superfly,” a Fijian prince who left paradise to pursue a wrestling career, is one which caught my eye in particular. The high-flying Jimmy continues to wrestle to this day, albeit in front of lesser crowds than when his popularity was at its peak in the 1980s.

There’s a plethora of content on Victory Journal with which you can while away a couple of office hours.

Calum Gordon