Q&A Mat Bickley Profound Magazine


Let me introduce Mr Bickley, founder of JOYNLONDON.COM and PROFOUNDMAGAZINE.COM and a general all round nice guy. I think he’d attack me if I called him an influencer but apparently thats the word these London cool cats call each other… The last time I saw him was at my wedding about 15 years ago where he started a food fight just before the police were called. It was that kind of wedding. People meet Mat Bickley..

What did you have for breakfast?

A cup of rooibos tea with soya milk, and handful of home made turmeric capsules…. Seeing it in writing makes it seem a lot less appealing than the reality.

What’s good about your hometown?

I’m from Deptford in South East London originally, but I call De Beauvoir in Hackney home now. I’ve lived in Shoreditch and the surrounding area for close to two decades, and I’ve seen a lot of changes predominantly for the better, I love the sense of community and the fact that East London seems to be at the epicentre of some kind of creative Mecca. Even though the rapid gentrification has introduced a more affluent, less engaged element to the area, I can’t imagine living anywhere else in London.

Provide us with a synopsis for your autobiography in 140 characters and what would you call it?

‘From Gear to Eternity’ – one mans journey from schmutter to fine art and back again.

If you could punch one celebrity in the face with absolutely no repercussions, who would it be?

I follow the teachings of the Dalai Lama so in theory none, but in reality the list is far to long to type here, I’d have RSI by the end of it and wouldn’t be able to punch anyone.

You’ve got £300 to spend on one new item of menswear, tell us what you’re gonna be buying?

A pair of WILDE DARK BROWN tassel Loafers from Marc (Mr) Hare, providing my discount still applies. Maybe this shameless product plug will ensure that’s the case.

Favourite 3 labels over the last 20 years?

1. Edwin Jeans – Europe for the bottom half.

2. Engineered Garments – For the top.

3. Studio Nicholson – Technically a womenswear label, but if i was girl as they say…

If a film was made of your life, tell us four songs that would definitely be included on the soundtrack including one for the closing credits

Couldn’t give a shit, ask me what the lead would be wearing

If you twisted my arm, I guess Something by Cat Stevens…. Loved his soundtrack for Harold & Maude.