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The appeal of Proper Magazine is such that London Rapper/ Renaissance man Ben Drew, A.K.A Plan B, now spends half his days fending off enquiries from people who have mistaken him for Stockport mega-zine magnate Mark Smith.

Chronic-insomniac and jacket-fundamentalist Mark (and his partner in woollen boots Neil Summers) have been setting the world straight in matters of steez since the Internet got good and both the website and the magazine remain acute and accurate arbiters of style, substance and sensibility.

An expert in sourcing appropriate sartorial solutions for changeable social situations, circumstances and surroundings i.e. what to wear to look smart at the match, Stockport County fan Mark was happy to answer a few questions before indulging one of his other great passions and doing some DIY.

What did you have for breakfast?

Spaghetti hoops, Opal Fruits and a Choc Dip. All the food groups basically.

What’s good about your own town?

It’s well located, has a cracking viaduct and there aren’t that many stabbings.

Provide us with the synopsis for your autobiography in 140 characters and what would it be called?

Born in ’78, only child for ten years, meets girl, has two kids, writes funny things about clothes, makes a million, shows off.    Title: Mark: My Words.

If you could punch any celebrity in the face who would it be?

Gary Barlow. Gary fucking Barlow.

You’ve got £300 to spend on one new item of menswear right now. Tell us what you’re gonna be buying?

A one off 6876 Sonora, royal blue, subtle silver stitching on the inside as ref to the mercury poisoning suffered by Stockport Hat Makers. It’d be lined with something mad too but I’ve not decided what that is yet.

Favourite 3 labels over the last 20 years

Our Legacy



If a film was made of your life, tell us four songs that would definitely be included on the soundtrack including one for the closing credits.

In order, off the top of my head… Twat – John Cooper Clark

Isolation – Joy Division

Wouldn’t it be nice – Beach Boys

To be number one – Giorgio Moroder (In memory of footballing pioneer Danny Bergara. Stockport County ran out to it in the early 90s and it makes me remember the good times.)