Q&A Fraser Moss YMC

Fraser Moss

Now, those from South Wales will know Newport is an unusual place and I’m sure folk from the city would not mind me saying, quite rough around the edges (It reminds me of my hometown Port Talbot). Most of the people I know from there moved out in the late 80s. Fraser, amongst many was one of these guys and moved up to London where he started the label YMC. A label which can now be found in some of the the best stores around the World, (even though we sold it in Drooghi late 90s but we won’t go into that).  Fraser was one of the first on the list when we thought about doing these little Q&A’s, basically because he’s sound and a real lovely person.

What did you have for breakfast?

Toast & peanut butter .

What’s good about your hometown?

Newport people tend to have a good sense of humour very self deprecating but at the same time we still manage to be proud of where were from …..we are a paradox !!!

Provide us with a synopsis for your autobiography in 140 characters and what would you call it?

A young man from the mean streets of Newport armed with an unquenchable thirst for nice trousers outgrows the polyester wearing home town & moves to the big smoke in a far off land where the streets are paved with cashmere .
It would be called ” A Stylish Gwent Boy”

If you could punch one celebrity in the face with absolutely no repercussions, who would it be?

I would have no skin left on my knuckles …..there are so many I can’t narrow it to one .

You’ve got £300 to spend on one new item of menswear, tell us what you’re gonna be buying?

Tricky …. I only really wear YMC mixed in with a bit of vintage , but I suppose it would have to be a classic item like a Mackintosh coat but with only £300 budget I would have to wait till the sales for that .

If a film was made of your life, tell us four songs that would definitely be included on the soundtrack including one for the closing credits?

It would be a tragic drama with the role of me played by Tom Cruise .

Opening credits – Sharades – Dumb Head

Chase scene / fight scene – Stereolab – Ping Pong

Love scene – Roger Nichols – I can see only you

Tear jerk finale/closing credits – Pixies – Monkey gone to heaven