Q&A Chris Sullivan Author, Journalist, DJ



Chris Sullivan fled to London in the late 70s from the lovely town that is Merthyr Tydfil. After being immersed in the punk and New Romantic scenes, he ended up running the legendary WAG Club in London’s China Town. Indeed, look in the index of most celebrity biographies of the 80s (from Martin Kemp’s to Vivienne Westwood’s) and you’ll see his name in there somewhere. Still living in The Big Smoke, these days he’s an author, journalist, DJ, screenwriter and many other things (including a husband to Leah and father to Finbar). And he still finds the time to be one of London’s sharpest (not to mention funniest and most affable) chaps.

What did you have for breakfast?

A poppy seed bagel with smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, cream cheese filling, and a macchiato

What’s good about your home town?

My mother lives there.

Provide us with the synopsis for your autobiography in 140 characters and what would it be called?

‘I Should Have Said No’ – The unexpurgated autobiography of a chap who ignored common sense.

If you could punch any celebrity in the face with absolutely no repercussions who would it be?

All of them. So many to belt and so little time. I loathe both rich and famous people and I know loads of the bastards. I’d give any royal sponger a right good hiding. I think any one of them who does that tweet shit should be headbutted.

You’ve got £300 to spend on one new item of menswear right now. Tell us what you’re gonna be buying?

Levis’ vintage unwashed 1955 rigid 501 XX selvage jeans – only the 1955 as the 67 is too narrow and the 47 too wide. I saw a pair of stretch denims yesterday that I fancy as well. Tidy!

Favourite 3 labels over the last 20 years?

I don’t do labels apart from Levis ( and only the 55 selvage jeans and type I or 2 jean jacket as I wouldn’t go near anything else), Carhartt (plain pocket Tee-shirts) BHS boxer shorts and Aero leather jackets, all of which are utility clothing. I think any man past the age of 30 who considers wearing fashion labels should be ashamed of himself. Men’s fashion is undignified. Men’s style is not.

If a film was made of your life , tell us 4 songs that would definitely be included on the soundtrack including 1 for the closing credits?

Child – What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong

Youth – Candy Man by Anthony Newley

Adolescence – I feel Good by James Brown/Rebel Rebel – Bowie

Twenties – Walk on The Wild Side by Lou Reed or Jimmy Smith

Older as father – Old Man by Neil Young

Now – Yo Vivre by Celia Cruz

Funeral – On the Nickel by Tom Waits and Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking for – the Chimes