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Buddy Japan Corgi Low

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Buddy sneakers want to make you happy. They want to be your buddy. Looking at them makes me think I’d like a buddy like Buddy. That would make me happy. So obviously they work.

Made in Japan (Mmmm. Japan), the Corgi is a simple, stylish, clean-cut suede sneaker offering a modernist take on the classic skate shoe. Featuring minimal, functional design and sustainable, durable materials, they are perfect year-round shoes

The upper is double thickness suede lined with eco-friendly (Non-Chromium) calf leather. Leather patch details throughout the shoe (tongue, swing-patch, inner-and-outer-sole) are made from vegetable-dyed Japanese Tochigi leather. The super-soft suede upper is complimented by a sole in lightweight yet sturdy natural rubber.

The looped heel-tab and side design on the upper construction based-on dog’s tails and ears. Buddy make their shoes ‘Because we hope to see your smile’. Don’t you just love the Japanese?

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