Esk Knitwear



I first read about Esk in Monocle, because that’s all us menswear fans do, That, and drink coffee, but NEVER cappuccinos because, you know, it’s not the 90s anymore. It’s these pretentious nuances that separate the weak from the re-blogged here.

Strip the thoroughly meaningless bluster about heritage, artisans etc as espoused by such people that genuinely care about Monocle’s opinion, or whether their coffee is topped with foam or micro-foam, and you’re left with product. The whole ‘fashion world’ is one which, at it’s very core, is product based.  And that right there is the customer base for good clothing, not people who genuinely buy into this “lifestyle” nonsense (there’s only about five of them), but normal guys like you and I who have an affinity for quality clothing.

Hailing from the Scottish borders, Esk craft quality cashmere wares. It is, quite simply, good product.

Calum Gordon