Contemporary Menswear

Words.  Calum Gordon


Little under two years ago, I received an email from my friend, Steven Vogel, asking if I would like to contribute an article to a book he was writing for Thames & Hudson. The book was to be a snapshot of the independent menswear market, featuring an array of brands much like Veras, interviews with journalists, industry-folks, stylists and retailers. From that initial article, things snowballed somewhat and, along with my co-authors; Steven and Nick Schonberger, we set about penning a 320 page tome on all things selvedge, Gore Tex and poplin. The book launched last week and offers, what I believe to be, a genuine insight into the world of brands who genuinely care about each stitch and the provenance of each roll of fabric. If that sounds like your sort of thing – and I’m guessing that by you visiting this website, it just might be – then it is available on Amazon, priced at £15.